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[ooc; kinda boring. sorry… it’s been a while haha. whoops.]

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What I think is that this rag-tag team of men work well together (from what I can tell) and seem to have a constant need to keep their blue doppelgangers in check. Go easy on the headgear, too.

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[ooc; this was a question that i lost a long time ago but i found in a really old psd file that wasn’t filed away in the correct folder. i’m so sorry!]

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Henry: Though to be fair, she was a bit freaky in her own unique little way. But while we’re still on the topic of reminiscing about the good ol’ days, it’s called “upping the ante”. Taking it to the next level. Experimenting with new things. Symbolism?

Who cares? It posed a bit of a challenge, and that keeps the games fresh and fun.

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Let’s leave it at “chance”. Chance and Luck.

~*~Video Games~*~

It’s a bit of a cop-out answer, I understand, but there’s really all there is to it. Nobody explains this nonsense to us, it merely happens.

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I jest. Come on, think about it. The protagonist goes into a state of Super Human strength and dexterity via slot machine mechanics to slaughter baddies -with just one strike, mind you - and you wish to know how I made it up to a 60 story window?

~*~Video Games~*~

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[ooc; my tablet finally went kaput. answering asks with traditional/hard media is tough. also, i’ve had this idea for this particular ask planned out for months lol]

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typo alert upbringinginginging i’ll bet nobody would’ve noticed if i didn’t bring it up, but i don’t care :^y

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